Nov 05

It’s Here—Mind Your Business Podcast by She Oms

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Namaste friend!

Doing your own thing, running your own business, teaching yoga—they are all a labor of love. I write this blog because I love it. Not a single penny has been made and I will keep writing it even if a single penny is never made. Our community of yoga teachers needs more business — more specifically marketing— resources and I want to be a contributor to that cause.

Months ago, I decided I would start a podcast about the business of yoga. I had no equipment and no experience. I did have a vision, a supportive husband and MacKenzie Miller who was the very first interview. It was nearly a month ago that we recorded this interview. I learned to edit audio and my incredibly supportive husband sorted out where and how to host this very first episode.

and now…

You can listen to or download the Mind Your Business podcast here. It’s not available on iTunes just yet, but be sure to like the She Oms Facebook page and I will post an update there as soon as it is. If you have an independent podcast listener,  you can subscribe to the feed here.

If there is a business savvy yogi or yogini who you would like to hear from, leave a comment below and he or she may just be the next interview on the Mind Your Business podcast.

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  1. Big congratulations and BIG LOVE for what you are doing!! If I can support you in any way, just reach out!

    • Thank you so much Kellie! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your support. I would love to have you on the podcast sometime. I’ll reach out to you soon. Much love.

  2. A fabulous interview! So excited for you. Can’t wait to hear more :)

  3. You are so inspiring Mackenzie!

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