Have you ever looked at an Instagram account with 10 or 20 or even 300 thousand followers and wondered “HOW?”

Me too.


I have. A lot.

So much so that two years ago I set out to uncover all the secrets of Instagram’s most popular accounts.
I learned that yoga teachers, jewelry designers, fashion bloggers and models are all the same.

Well, sort of.

What I mean is that they all have the same strategy to gain followers, grow their business and keep their wits about them.

When I started to employ these strategies, I doubled my Instagram following AND did $18,000 worth of business from leads that found me on Instagram.


As I dug into the world of Instagram, I developed amazing relationships with women just like me who were growing their businesses using this social platform.

We are gaining followers daily.

We are engaging with those followers to build real relationships.

We are turning those real relationships into business.


She Oms has partnered with the Sea & Me Creations to bring you a brand new version of our signature Instagram program— Instaposed.

Instaposed is a 7-part video course that teaches you everything we know about building a successful Instagram account and leveraging it to make money in your business.

If you’ve ever wondered what sets a super successful Instagrammer from a not-yet-successful Instagrammer — I’m going to tell you right now:


But not just ANY kind of work and consistency. There’s a bit of a formula and there are lessons that we’ve learned along the way— all of which we are sharing in this program.

Module 1: How Instagram Helps  You As a Biz Owner
Module 2: Instagram’s Features & How We Use Them
Module 3: Taking Better Photos
Module 4: Cultivating Community
Module 5: The Unwritten Rules of Instagram (Tips & Tricks)
Module 6: Using Instagram to Grow Your Business
Module 7: Evaluating your progress

You also get LIFETIME access to our Instaposed Facebook group, where we will answer all your Instagram questions, you’ll get feedback from your Instaposed team and from your peers and you’ll have a sweet community of Instaposers at your finger tips— all working towards similar goals in their biz and brand.


We’re all about having FUN— so this course was designed to be just as entertaining as it is educational.

Each video is filled with dialogue about our REAL experiences on Instagram, plus ACTION steps that you can take to

…get more followers

…get more business

…be more confident on Instagram

It took us years.

But you can get all our sage advice in a few hours…


No no one has ever wished they had struggled more to gain followers…

No one has ever wished they had waited longer to grow their business…

And certainly no one ever wished that they had gone at it alone…

You don’t have to go at all it alone— you can build a brand, gain followers and grow your business on Instagram with support from your Instaposed team.


10272759_322698341217804_5947178704231560766_o(4)Laura | With a decade of corporate marketing experience and a successful branding biz, Laura’s love for social media runs deep. She gets that social media is THE marketing medium of choice for small businesses and solopreneurs and her mission is to make it fun, accessible and effective for the woo-loving women entrepreneurs of the world.



12112173_10100996288856447_4332615087484021867_nErika | With a booming jewelry business and nearly 15,000 Instagram followers she knows that it’s definitely a process, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. She poked and proded and figured it all out on her own and she’s stoked that she can now help women avoid the struggle and skip straight to success.

Ready or not, here it is.