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Or are you still trying to figure out how the wildly successful entrepreneurs among us create TRIBES rather than just occasional clients? If you’re still in the group that’s still trying to figure it out, know that you’re not alone.

People don’t buy what you’re selling, beauty. They buy WHO YOU ARE and what you stand for.

And if everything that you’re doing in your biz doesn’t reflect who you are and what you stand for—they’re not going to buy anything.

If you want a wildly successful biz, you’ve got to start with a wildly successful brand. It’s going to take guidance and it’s going to take hustle, but the results are going to empower you to run your biz with UNPRECEDENTED CONFIDENCE.



In All You Need Is Brand, you’ll learn the same process that we use in our $10,000 brand mentorship & design program.

You’ll find clarity around who you are, the work you’re doing, who you’re doing it for and WHY you’re doing it.

We translate that into words, visuals and even the experience that you create for your clients— so that they’ll be more than just clients…they’ll be raving fans.




Lifetime Access to These 6 Video Lectures

  • Uncovering your brand
  • Getting to know your ideal client
  • Writing your brand story
  • Outer Representation (design basics for logos, fonts & colors)
  • Inner Experience (designing your brand experience)
  • Brand Management (spreading the word)

You also get these awesome extras…

  • 5 Brand Curation Worksheets (Value $50)
  • Our favorite tech resources, tips & tricks for brand building (Value $27)
  • Lifetime Access to a Private Community— where you’ll get feedback from me & from your peers (Pretty much priceless)


For just $197!


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You know the B I’m talking about — the one who tells you you’re not qualified to run your biz. We’re exorcising her!



And because I don’t expect you to believe everything I say on the internet, take it from these beauties…

All You Need Is Brand does NOT just get into who you are as a small business owner but who you are as a person. I learned more about who I am & how I want to show up in the world by going the first 3 modules than I learned in my 500 hours of yoga teacher training. The questions and information Laura asks are the true meaning of svadyaya (“Self-Study”). Anyone who makes the investment in this program will come out a more self-informed business owner, person, & yogi.



Brand has always been a scary word and concept to me; Laura’s course helps show you the light! She guides you on a wonderful journey to discover your brand. A journey that you can and will do again and again as you and your business evolve. Thank you



I have been mulling over my brand for quite some time now, not knowing quite what my brand is and how to represent it; but this course has been absolutely dynamic in guiding me to uncover my brand! I love how Laura takes what I have found to be overwhelming and complicated information on branding and makes it fun and understandable and actually has me clamoring to dive head-first into the depths of branding myself. Thank you, Laura


I cannot begin to express what a refreshing jolt entered my heart and mind as I realized that I don’t have to ‘create’ my vision, rather, I need to tap into the vision that already exists in who I am and what I love most. I have spent so much time trying to define who I want to be for my clients that I had lost sight of who I am and why my current clients and I quickly become friends. Thanks for bringing me back to my purpose and leading me through my branding opportunity.




The only way to make yourself & your biz BETTER is to make a change.

And if you’re still here reading this, I’m confident that this program is the catalyst for the change you need to make.




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For just $197!

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