The Brand Spanking Woo Team




Founder, Idea-Generator & Game-Plan Creator
Voted She Oms’ Most Excitable

my WHY /// “I’m where I am because I wanted the freedom to exercise my creativity on my time, on my terms and for my people—women who are change-making and passion-chasing and yoga-loving. The world needs more of us and I’m here to make that happen.”



Artistic Genius (Director of Digital Design)
Voted She Oms’ Calmest 

my WHY /// “I’m both left and right brained. So I love channeling my creativity into gorgeous design while channeling my analytical side into coding and problem solving. I get the freedom to do all of my favorite things for people who love being their own boss as much as I love being my own boss. Everyone wins.”



Crayon Evangelist (Art Director)
Voted She Oms’ Most Honest

my WHY /// “I’ve always felt a direct connection to art and design my whole life, and feel lucky to be able to utilize these in my life every single day.  Having the freedom to work with people I love doing things I love is the hardest, significant and most rewarding work I’ve ever done.”



Task Tamer (Director of Operations)
Voted She Oms’ Most Methodical

my WHY /// “I want to do meaningful work—work that actually makes a difference.  Supporting strong inspiring women find success through mindful marketing and branding into their businesses is how I use my talent & experience to do work that really matters. Every day I get to create success & happiness for others as well as for myself.”

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