DIY Brand

DIY Branding

When I first started designing, I was awful.

I had always loved design. I had always respected designers. And I had always known (or at least thought I knew) that I was not a designer. I left making pretty things to the people who were actually good at it.

But one day at my corporate job, they fired my entire department and they asked me to design.

I needed a paycheck, so I said “sure thing, boss” and I started designing.

And it was awful.

They didn’t care, because they were getting a 5-for-1 salary deal.

I cared a lot, so I worked really hard at improving my skills.

I got better. But I didn’t get really good until the company I was working for hired a seasoned designer who was exceptionally kind to me and forgiving of all of the atrocities I had created in the absence of a real designer.

“You have the eye for it,” she said.

“You just need to learn methodology.”

And she taught me.

This blog post actually has nothing to do with design, though.

DIY design is a terrible idea — especially when it comes to your brand. Because brand design is not about what YOU think is pretty. The visual elements of a brand are informed by your already-existing brand.

We’ve reached the portion of our programming where you might be like, um what?

By virtue of existing, you already have a brand — in order to create really effective design, you have to paint a clear picture of what that brand is.

Why are we here? Where are we going? Who’s going with us?

I don’t highly recommend that you take up logo design. It will be terrible, just like my first 147 attempts at logo design were terrible.

But I do recommend that you DIY your brand.

Take time to write down your vision.

To declare what you stand for you.

To declare WHO you stand for.

THIS is your brand. And while you can’t do everything yourself, you CAN do this.


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