Happy Healthy Dosha

I am so excited to share this collaboration I’ve been working on with my beautiful, loving, playful and intelligent friend, Kristen. This has been a total labor of love. Months in the making just to announce that we’re really doing this. It’s an introduction to Ayurveda and a guide to addressing your imbalances with a mind, body and spirit approach.

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We believe that information should be easily accessible and that the pursuit of better health should be inspiring, never intimidating. We created Happy Healthy Dosha with the vision of a nurturing platform that works with anyone’s schedule. Treat yourself to something delicious, non-invasive and guaranteed to invite a little joy into your life if you’ll let it.  Read more here.

Our first workshop starts in April. But you don’t have to wait to join the Happy Healthy Dosha community. You can join our mailing list and stay tuned to our Facebook page for a giveaway coming soon.

Big love, delicious spices and a balanced mind and spirit coming your way.

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