Flow Freely Friday—Balancing Sequence

Yoga Pose Worksheet

It’s Friday! Friday used to be such an important day for me. It was what I was working towards, my relief, my inspiration. Funny how all of that changes when you start living a more wholehearted life. I don’t know my Thursday from my Saturday anymore and it’s liberating.

Today’s sequencing worksheet is brought to you by the letter B. B is for balance. Balance was one of the first parallels that I was able to draw between my yoga practice and life off of the mat. Taking deep breaths and keeping intense focus during balancing transitions has become such a habit, that I find myself taking those deep ujjayi breaths to calm my nervous system at the AT&T store, Home Depot and when hanger strikes. The ocean like quality of my breath sometimes garners a few stares, but it works and there is no question that it’s better than the alternative. No one wants to see this woman have a hanger meltdown.

Download the pdf, print and share it for free.

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