Soul Shaking Brand Making



If we were to tell you that no one will ever buy what you’re selling, that would rude.

But, we could redeem ourselves by saying what people buy is YOU — your talent, your passion and your vision is what they buy into.

But— for some reason– you’re HIDING. And it’s our mission to change that.

We teach women to show up COURAGEOUSLY as themselves in their business so that they can live OUTRAGEOUSLY.

We create and curate & educate— because brand clarity is what you need to run your biz with unprecedented confidence. 



whatBrand & Biz Education and Brand Curation is what we do. We do it for wellness warriors, spirit supporters & truth-seeking-non-harming-yogis. We do it for change-making, passion-chasing women who are the boss of their damn selves. Your logo and website hold no meaning without YOU to live and breathe the message they represent. Lucky for you, being your true self is the only innate skill you need. For everything else, you’ve got She Oms.


There are 4-ways to work with us:

1Om School
At-Your-Own-Pace biz & brand classes for the movers & soul shakers who love being the boss.
2She Brands Sessions
3, 1-on-1 sessions to help you get clear and get working on your brand.
3Brand Spanking Woo Design & Mentorship
Everything you need to make **it happen.
4Just a Little Woo
a la carte design services // Coming Soon

There’s a whole lot of talk of brand around these parts. You know you need a brand. But where do you even start? Learn the Principles of Brand in this free video training  designed by me, for you with woo. (but not too much woo, because we do need to get ‘er done.)

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